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This page has links to other websites that can give great in-depth information about the history of bellydance, it's cultural context in the Middle East, music, costume, props, and much, much more.


Sites that cover pretty much everything!

Shira's site is encyclopaedic, containing articles and information about the history of belly dance, different musical rhythms, finger cymbal workshop, and much much more.

Joy of Bellydancing
Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing consists mostly of links to further websites with in-depth articles on the history of bellydance, costuming styles, different styles of bellydance, etc. A great place to look when trying to hunt down an obscure piece of information.

Casbah Dance
Morocco has travelled extensively in North Africa, researching and recording the folk dances of different countries. Her site includes many articles detailing her research, and you can also order videos that contain rare footage. Articles contain interesting information about the relationship between some bellydance movements and traditional birthing techniques in North Africa and the Middle East, and the role of men in Middle Eastern Dance.

Aisha Ali
Like Morocco, Aisha Ali has also travelled extensively in North Africa and the Middle East researching folk, social and performance forms of the dance. Her site inclues links to further articles and research, as well as an opportunity to buy rare in-the-field recordings of music and dance.

Keti Sharif
Keti's site covers Egyptian bellydance and music. Lots of information about musical instruments, different styles of bellydance, and more!

Oriental Dancer
Salome's site has articles about bellydance, translations of song lyrics, and discussion forums.


Other dancers' websites

Amel Tafsout
Amel Tafsout is an Algerian dancer based in the US. Her site contains a wealth of background information about North African dance, music, costume and symbols.

Jacqueline Chapman
Jacqueline Chapman teaches classes in South and Central London

Pedralta Dance
A UK-based site for Middle Eastern Dance and Tribal Bellydance with articles and information on dance, fitness, health and travel. Gorgeous pictures in the gallery and an online shop for Tribal jewellry, bellydance music and video, and some great dance sandals!

Anne Kingston
Anne is a fabulous teacher and performer, based in Preston.

Rita Williamson Designs
Based in Cumbria, UK, Rita creates fabulous bespoke costumes for bellydancers - check out her gallery!

Mohamed Shahin
Mohamed Shahin is a Reda-trained folkloric dancer who also performs bellydance.

Khaled Mahmoud
Khaled Mahmoud is a male Egyptian dancer living in the UK - he truly does have golden hips!


Music & Video

Aladdin's Cave
Online shop for bellydance related music, video, DVD and costume

Online shop for Middle Eastern music, video and DVD. You can listen to sound clips from various recordings on this site. As the site is based in the US, don't forget to keep your orders under the customs limit!

Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythms
This is a site that specialises in breaking down Arabic and Middle Eastern rhythms for drummers. There is a pretty comprehensive list of the patterns used for different rhythms, an exploration of how the rhythms are related to each other, and some music theory about how rhythm is treated in traditional Arabic music.

Radio Bastet
Podacsts of the best in vintage bellydance music - there truly are some gems here!


Bellydancer Networks & Information

Lots of local, regional, national and international bellydance networks have now moved to social networking sites such as facebook.

Northern Arabic Dance Association (NADA) is a network of dancers in the North of England and Scotland. NADA organises workshops, lists teachers in different areas and publishes a magazine devoted to bellydance.

MOSAIC is a network of bellydancers in Britain listing teachers in different areas and publishing a magazine devoted to bellydance.

Gilded Serpent
Online bellydance magazine.


Dance in Education and Community Dance

Ludus Dance
Ludus is Britain's lead Dance in Education company, is the dance development organisation for Lancashire, and is based in Lancaster. Their touring company annually produces an issue-based piece of work that can be performed a variety of venues, including school halls and community centres! Their community dance programme offers classes for adults in dance styles as diverse as Lindy Hop, Bharata Natyam, and yep...belly dance!

People Dancing
People Dancing (formerly The Foundation for Community Dance) is the UK's professional body for those involved in community dance work. The website lists dance opportunities, and useful resources.


Other Stuff!

Just Because...
Just Because... is a charity aiming to raise funds and promote awareness, prevention and early detection of breast cancer for women in Egypt.

Virtual Lancaster
Whatever you want to know about Lancaster & Morecambe, you can find it here! Run by volunteers, the Virtual Lancaster website has up-to-date listings, a directory of businesses in the Lancaster & Morecambe area, a gallery of local artists and performers, cartoons and much, much more!

Photo of chain link jewelry and beads - by ardelfin, from Morguefile -

Photo: ardelfin

More resources:

Students: Students' FAQs - information about classes, what to wear, etc

Music: A list of the music Desna uses in classes / recommends for beginners

Articles: Articles that Desna has written either for students or for other publications

Reading: A list of the books that Desna recommends for students