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Studio picture of Desna with red veil - (c)Phil Gibbs

Photo: Tall Order Photography

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Desna Mackenzie is a professional bellydance performer and instructor, based in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK.


Desna became smitten with the expressiveness of bellydance over 15 years ago and since then has dedicated herself to learning and sharing as much as possible about this beautiful art form and its history, through teaching and performance.

She has been teaching since 2002 in a wide variety of situations including offering private tuition, weekly classes and workshops for schools and community groups as well as established bellydance groups and events. She is a friendly and supportive teacher who loves nothing more than when something 'clicks' for a student!

A charming dancer with a cheeky smile, Desna has performed at weddings, at parties, in restaurants, in theatres and at haflas. She particularly loves to dance to live music, and takes the opportunity to do so whenever she can.

Studio picture of Desna with red veil - (c)Phil Gibbs

Photo: Tall Order Photography


Desna is committed to continuing to develop her skills as both a performer and teacher, is a holder of a JWAAD Teaching Diploma and has completed the following JWAAD courses (all accredited and of 'A' level complexity): Safe delivery of bellydance classes, Understanding music used within bellydance, The Influence of History & Culture upon Bellydance; and Teaching Methods for Bellydance. She is also now a JWAAD Assessor, delivering Technique Reviews.

Desna is committed to the safe teaching of dance, and to treating students and clients with integrity and in a professional manner. She also has full public liability insurance. Desna is an associate member of the JTA - the only professional body for bellydance teachers in the UK, and a Professional Member of People Dancing (formerly Foundation for Community Dance).

Desna's training has mostly been in Egyptian / Arabic styles of bellydance and related folkloric dances.

In her teaching and performance, Desna's dance is accessible to all while remaining true to the roots of this rich and beautiful dance form.

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